[ANN] WSO2 ESB 1.5 Released

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[ANN] WSO2 ESB 1.5 Released

The WSO2 ESB Team is pleased to announce the release of the WSO2 ESB v1.5

You can download this release from
Please refer to the product page at http://wso2.org/projects/esb/java 
for more information.

New features of this release includes:
    * Apache VFS based file transport
    * Scheduled Task support
    * New mediators - XQuery, POJO Command, DB Report and DB Lookup
    * New EIP mediators - Split/Clone and aggregator mediators
    * Cache, Throttle and Class mediator enhancements
    * Improved logging and tracing support, and reconfiguration of Log4J
instance at runtime
    * Ability to save/edit sequences and endpoints directly to/from the
integrated registry
    * Ability define more than one administration account
    * General UI usability enhancements and fixes

We welcome your early feedback on this implementation.

Thank you for your interest in the WSO2 ESB
-- WSO2 ESB Team --

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