[APIM] Terminate SSL connection at ELB

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[APIM] Terminate SSL connection at ELB

Chamara Philips-3
Hi Devs,

What is the procedure to terminate the SSL connection at the ELB with WSO2 APIM? Client calls the ELB through HTTPS and that requires the ELB to have a CA. But the connection from ELB to APIM should use HTTP. (ELB and APIM are in the same VPC. I am under the impression that there would be no additional security issues introduced because of this approach since the ELB and WSO2 Server are both in the same VPC. Please correct me if it isn't)

What configurations should be set for the above approach?

Thanks & Regards
Hareendra Chamara (BSc.Eng(Hons))
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