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[Announcement] WSAS 3.0 Released

Afkham Azeez-2
The WSO2 WSAS & WSO2 Carbon team is pleased to announce the release of
3.0 of the Open Source WSO2 Web Services Application Server (WSAS).

WSAS 3.0 release is available for download at [1]. This is based
on the revolutionary WSO2 Carbon [2] framework, Middleware a la carte'.
All the major features have been developed as pluggable Carbon components.

Please note that the documentation is available as a separate download.

New Features
1. Based on the OSGi based WSO2 Carbon architecture. This is a
unification of all Java based products from WSO2. Now you can have
features from the lightweight super-fast WSO2 ESB & the super-cool WSO2
MashupServer, running on your WSAS instance. Feature pack releases
containing ESB, BPS etc. components will be available shortly.

You can mix and match the
functionality you require according to requirements of your enterprise.
The middleware can be adopted to your architecture. You could even
extend the middleware by developing your own middleware components.

2. Enhanced admin UI
3. Extensible server admin framework
4. Policy editor
5. Separable frontend & backend - a single frontend server can be used
to administer several backend servers
6. Various bug fixes and enhancements.

How to Run
   1. Extract the downloaded zip
   2. Go to the bin directory in the extracted folder
   3. Run the wso2server.sh or wso2server.bat as appropriate
   4. Point you browser to the URL https://localhost:9443/carbon/
   5. Use "admin", "admin" as the username and password.
   6. If you need to start the OSGi console with the server use the
      property -DosgiConsole when starting the server

Known issues

All known issues have been filed here [3]. Please report any issues you
find as JIRA entries.

WSO2 Carbon & WSO2 WSAS team

1. http://wso2.org/downloads/wsas
2. http://wso2.org/projects/carbon
3. https://wso2.org/jira/browse/CARBON

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