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Attaching files to SOAP messages

Nicewarner Mike

I’m trying very hard to attach a file to a SOAP message using WSF for PHP.

The example in the documentation is very crude, and I’m not able to extrapolate from the example to make it work in my code.

What I get is this WSMessage:

   'str' => '<ns1:attach xmlns:ns1="">
        <ns1:image xmlmime:contentType="application/pdf" xmlns:xmlmime="">
               <xop:Include xmlns:xop="" href="<a href="cid:myid1">cid:myid1"></xop:Include>
   'attachments' => 
  array (
    'myid1' => {A bunch of binary data},


Then I run the SOAP request:



What I get back is:

Error , NO Response Received


What am I doing wrong?



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