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indika prasad
IBM® CICS® Transaction Server is a family of scalable general-purpose transaction processing solutions for z/OS®, VSE/ESA, and distributed platforms. These servers support large transaction volumes with fast, consistent response times and provide high availability and scalability at a low cost per transaction.

IBM- CICS Connector Summery
      • Connector Name:  ibm_cics
      • Technology: SOAP
      • App Version:  V5.1
      • API URL: [1]

Selected Methods (21) for version 1.0.0
        • init - config data
        • addObjects - Adds objects to a container object.
        • alterAttributeValues  - Alters selected attribute values across one or more resource definitions, without affecting other attribute values.
        • approveChanges - Adds to a change package the approval of a particular approver role. This approval applies only to the specified migration scheme.
        • backoutChangesPackage - Backs out a previous change package migration.
        • copyResourceDefinition - Copies resource definitions between groups or CICS configurations.
        • createResourceDefinition - Creates a resource definition or a CICS Configuration Manager repository object.
        • deleteResourceDefinition- Deletes resource definitions or CICS® Configuration Manager repository objects.
        • removeApprovalPackage - Removes from a change package the approval of a particular approver role.
        • discardInMemoryImage - Discards the in-memory image of resource definitions from active CSD-based CICS® regions. This does not affect the CSD file where the resource definition is stored.
        • importResourceDefinition - Imports resource definitions from an export file received from another CICS® Configuration Manager system. Optionally, if the export file contains change package details, also registers change packages in the importing CICS Configuration Manager repository.
        • inquireResourceDefinition - Returns all the fields for a single resource definition, CICS® Configuration Manager repository object, or CICS Configuration Manager journal object.
        • InstallResourceDefinition- Dynamically makes resource definitions available to an active CICS® region.
        • getResourceDefinitionsList - Returns selected fields from one or more resource definitions, CICS® Configuration Manager repository objects, or CICS Configuration Manager journal objects.
        • migrateResourceDefinitions - Copies the resource definitions in a change package from source to target CICS® configurations, and invokes commands in the change package on target CICS configurations, according to the specified migration scheme.
        • newCopy - Reloads in-memory copies of resource definitions associated with a CICS® program definition or document template definition.End of change.This does not affect the stored resource definition referred to by the CICS configuration.
        • indicateMigration - Indicates that the resource definitions in a change package are ready for migration.
        • recoverHistoricalImages - Recovers before or after images of historical resource definitions from the journal.
        • removeObject - Removes objects from a container object.
        • renameResourceDefinitions - Renames resource definitions, and optionally moves them to another group.
        • indicateChangeMigration - Indicates that the resource definitions in a change package are no longer ready for migration.