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indika prasad

Zuora’s applications are designed to automate billing, commerce, and finance operations.

Connector Summery
      • Connector Name:  Zuora-connector-1.0.0
      • Version: 1.0.0
      • Technology:  REST
      • API Version:  v1
      • API URL:

authorization cookie/user name and password is use for authentication.  

Selected Methods (24) for version 1.0.0

        • createAccount - Creates a customer account. This call creates a customer account with a credit-card payment method, a bill-to contact, and an optional sold-to contact.        
        • getAccount - Retrieves basic information about a specified customer account.
        • getAccountSummary - Retrieves detailed information about the specified customer account.
        • updateAccount - Updates the specified customer account.

        • retrieveCatalog- Retrieves the entire product catalog, including all products and their corresponding rate plans and charges.

        • establishConnection-Establishes a connection to the Zuora REST API service based on a valid user credentials.

Payment Methods
        • createPayment – Creates a new credit card payment method for the specified customer account.
        • getPayment - Retrieves all credit card information for the specified customer account.
        • updatePayment - Updates an existing credit card payment method for the specified customer account.
        • deletePayment -  Deletes a credit card payment method from the specified customer account.

        • previewSubscription - Creates a new subscription in preview mode.
        • createSubscription - Creates a new subscription for an existing customer account.
        • getSubscriptionsByAccount - Retrieves all subscriptions associated with the specified account.
        • getSubscriptionByKey - Retrieves detailed information about a specified subscription.
        • updateSubscription - Updates a subscription.
        • renewSubscription - Renews a termed subscription using existing renewal terms.
        • cancelSubscription - Cancels an active subscription.

        • getInvoices - Retrieves invoices for a specified account.
        • getPayments - Retrieves payments for a specified account.  
        • generateInvoicesAndCollectPayments - Generates invoices and collects payments for a specified account.

        • postUsage - Imports usage data for one or more accounts in CSV or XLS format.
        • getUsage - Retrieves usage details for an account.

Get revenue start date setting       
        • getRevenueStartDateSettings - Get revenue start date setting

HMAC method
        • HMAC - Returns unique signature and token values, facilitating a CORS enabled API call.