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indika prasad
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Con cur is a travel management application hosted in web. Con cur's travel solutions enable your employees to book travel within your company's policy, with easy access to air, car, hotel and rail reservations. Employees can create expense reports from their itinerary after travel is complete. Con cur's business intelligence solution helps unlock information around your employees' spend. With over 170 standard reports and dashboards, you will be able to analyze how your business spends money and identify opportunities for savings. Con cur's easy to use invoice solution streamlines invoice processing. Invoices are loaded into the system quickly and easily and managers can approve both expense reports and invoices in one convenient platform - even on a mobile device.

Con cur Connector Summery
        • Connector Name:  con cur-connector-1.0.0
        • API Version: v3.0
        • Technology:  REST
        • API Link - https://www.conc

        oauth2 access token

Selected Methods (24) for version 1.0.0

Digital Tax Invoices
        • getDigitalTaxInvoices -  Gets all digital tax invoices
        • getDigitalTaxInvoiceByID - Get a single Digital Tax Invoice by ID.
        • updateDigitalTaxInvoiceByID - Update a DigitalTaxInvoice by ID

        • getOpportunities - Gets a collection of opportunities for a specified trip or for all trips that fall within a date range

Purchase Order Receipts
        • updatePurchaseOrderReceipts - Updates purchase order line item with receipt information.

Purchase Orders
        • createNewPurchaseOrder - Create a new purchase order.
        • updateExistingPurchaseOrder - Updates an existing purchase order.
        • getExistingPurchaseOrderByID - Retrieves an existing purchase order

Quick Expenses
        • getQuickExpenses - Gets all quick expenses
        • getQuickExpenseByID - Get a single QuickExpense by ID
        • createQuickExpenseByID - Create a new QuickExpense
        • updateQuickExpenseByID - Update a QuickExpense by ID
        • deleteQuickExpenseByID - Delete a QuickExpense by ID

Receipt Images
        • getReceiptIdsForUser - Get all receipt IDs by user
        • getReceiptImageURLByID - Get a receipt image URL
        • createNewReceiptImage - Create a new receipt image
        • appendReceiptImage- Appends a receipt image to an existing receipt
        • deleteReceiptImageByID - Delete a receipt image by ID

Report Digests
        • getReportDigests - Get all ReportDigests
        • getReportDigestByID - Get a single ReportDigest by ID

        • getTravelRequestByID - Get a Travel Request by ID
        • getAllRequests - Get all Requests

        • retrieveExistingVendor- Retrieves an existing vendor.