[Dev] [VOTE] Release WSO2 Stream Processor 4.0.0 RC1

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[Dev] [VOTE] Release WSO2 Stream Processor 4.0.0 RC1

SajithAR Ariyarathna
Hi Devs,

We are pleased to announce the release candidate of WSO2 Stream Processor 4.0.0.

This is the Release Candidate version 1 of the WSO2 Stream Processor 4.0.0

Please download, test the product and vote. Vote will be open for 72 hours or as needed.

Please vote as follows.
    [+] Stable - go ahead and release
    [-] Broken - do not release (explain why)

~ The WSO2 Analytics Team ~

Sajith Janaprasad Ariyarathna
Senior Software Engineer; WSO2, Inc.;  http://wso2.com/

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