ESB connector scenario - Integrating Clio with Zoho CRM, SimpleNote, Gmail and Zoho Books

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ESB connector scenario - Integrating Clio with Zoho CRM, SimpleNote, Gmail and Zoho Books

Rasika Hettige

1.     Overview

Clio is a law practice and legal case management software which facilitates easy legal case management online.

2.     Benefits of Clio

·         Clio helps lawyers connect with cases and its important documents.

·         This cloud application helps relevant authorities to access cases, documents, bills, invoices and etc from anywhere and at any time.

    ·         It also facilitates task handling mechanisms for matters.

    ·         Task creation, update and completion notification can be stored in Clio and could be notified to relevant authorities.     


3.     Clio Business Scenario

In describing the business scenario of Clio, it can be divided into sections such as Matter Initiation, Task Handling, Invoicing and Legal Document Handling as shown below:

Inline image 1

Prerequisite: Contacts who need legal assistance should have it mentioned in the description column in ZohoCRM as an offline ESB task. 

3.1 Matter Initiation

Inline image 2

Create Contacts

·         Create contacts either directly in Clio API or create contacts in Clio API by retrieving selected contacts (daily) that need legal assistance from ZohoCRM API. (Check the existence of contacts before creating them in Clio API.

·         Create a tag for the contact associated with a legal matter (created above) in Simple Note API.

Create Matter

·         Add contact’s legal matter under the above created tag as a note in SimpleNote, which is an offline process.

·         To proceed with a legal case, tag a Note as “Selected” in SimpleNote API and create it as a Matter in the Clio API. (A tag named as “selected” should be created in SimpleNote offline. This tag will be used to tag notes as selected.)


Advantages of integrating with ZohoCRM API

·         ZohoCRM is a customer relationship management software, which could be used for managing deals and its progress.

Advantages of integrating with SimpleNote API

·         Simple Note can be used to keep in track of  notes and its progress.


3.2   Task Handling

Inline image 5 

·         Send notification to task assignee using the Gmail API when a task is created or updated in the Clio API.

·         Once the assignee mark the task as completed in the Clio API, send a mail to the assigner using the Gmail API, notifying the task completion.

Advantages of integrating with Gmail API

·         Gmail can be used to send emails or notification as emails to relevant personnel.


3.3 Invoicing

 Inline image 6

·         Retrieve bills awaiting payment from the Clio API.

·         Check if the client exists in the ZohoBooks API, if not create the client in the ZohoBooks API.

·         Create invoices in the ZohoBooks API and email invoices to the client.

Advantages of integrating with ZohoBooks API

·          Zohobooks is an online accounting application which can be used to keep in track of bills, invoices, payments and etc.  

Thanks & Regards


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Re: ESB connector scenario - Integrating Clio with Zoho CRM, SimpleNote, Gmail and Zoho Books

Rasika Hettige
Hi All,

Please find the methods which will implement under each connector:

Clio Connector
createContact - Create a new Person or Company as a Contact.
getContact - Get a Contact (Person or Company) by ID.
listContacts - List all Contacts.
updateContact - Update an exsiting Contact.
createMatter - Create a new Matter (Case matter for a Contact).
getMatter - Get a Matter by ID.
listMatters - List all Matters.
createTask - Create a new Task for a Contact or Matter.
getTask - Get a Task by ID.
listTasks - List all Tasks.
updateTask - Update an exsiting Task.
getBill - Get a Bill by ID.
listBills - Get all Bills by ID.
getUser - Get a User by ID.

SimpleNote Connector
createTag - Creates a new tag
getTag - Retrieves details of a given tag
createNote - Creates a new note
updateNote - Update details of an existing note
getNote - Retrieves details of a given note
listNoteIndexes - Returns a JSON object with a count of the number of note objects and an array of the note objects themselves.

Thanks & Regards