ESB connector scenario - Integrating Recurly with ActiveCampaign, BaseCRM, Gmail and Freshbooks

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ESB connector scenario - Integrating Recurly with ActiveCampaign, BaseCRM, Gmail and Freshbooks

Rasika Hettige

1.     Overview

Recurly is a subscription billing and recurring billing management application. It facilitates subscriptions management, billing management and etc.

2.     Benefits of Recurly

·        Recurly provides its customer with better program and business insights through which decision making and adjustments could be optimized.

·         It allows instant reporting and automated functionality with real-time data.

·         Easy and cost effective integration with Active Campaign, Base CRM, Gmail and Freshbooks.

·         An effective way of managing subscription related activities.


3.     Recurly Business Scenario

In describing the business scenario of Recurly, it can be divided into sections such as Initiate Subscription, Subscription Payments, and Notifications & Reminders as shown below:


 Inline image 1


3.1  Initiate Subscription

Prerequisite: Active campaign contacts and contact lists should be created as an offline process.

Inline image 2

Marketing a Plan

·         Create a subscription plan in the Recurly API and create the email message to be used for the campaign in the ActiveCampaign API.

·         Create the campaign in ActiveCampaign API and send it to the relevant contacts.

Create Accounts

·         Retrieve campaign clickers from ActiveCampaign API and create leads in the Base CRM API.

·         Leads should be converted to contacts in BaseCRM, which is an offline process.

·         Retrieve contacts from the BaseCRM API and check if these contacts exist in Recurly;

o   If contacts don’t exist, create them as accounts in the Recurly API and then create subscription for them.

o   If contacts (Accounts) exist, then create subscriptions for these accounts in the Recurly API.

Advantages of integrating with ActiveCampaign API

·          ActiveCampaign is email marketing software which could be used initiating and sending campaigns to potential subscribers.

Advantages of integrating with BaseCRM API

·         BaseCRM is a customer relationship management software, which could be used for effective contact management.

3.2  Subscription Payments

Inline image 3

·         Retrieve ‘Collected’ Invoices from the Recurly API on a daily basis ;

o   Check if the appropriate client exists in Freshbook, if not create the client and then create the subscription.

o   If the client exists in Freshbooks, then create invoices for the relevant client in the Freshbooks API.

o   Retrieve adjustments (charges) for invoices from the Recurly API and create payments in the Freshbooks API.

Advantages of integrating with Freshbook API

·         Freshbooks is an accounting software which could be used for handling financial accounts of businesses


3.3 Notifications and Reminders

 Inline image 4

·         When updating plans with coupons send notifications to the account holders regarding the discounts using the Gmail API.

o   After updating the plan with coupons, the ‘active’ subscriptions for that particular plan should be retrieved.

o   After which the accounts for that subscriptions should be retrieved.

o   The account details should include the email address, using which an email could be sent.

·         Retrieve subscriptions which are in the ‘In_Trial’ state that are to end in 3 days and send reminders to account holders using the Gmail API.

Advantages of integrating with Gmail API

·         Gmail can be used to send emails or reminders as emails to relevant personnel.


 Thanks & Regards



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Re: ESB connector scenario - Integrating Recurly with ActiveCampaign, BaseCRM, Gmail and Freshbooks

Rasika Hettige
Hi All,

FFI, following methods will be implemented under following connectors:

Recurly Connector

createSubscription - Create a new subscription.
listSubscriptions - List all subscriptions.
getSubscriptionById - Get a subscription by the ID.
createPlan - Create a plan.
listPlans - List all the plans.
getPlanById - Get a plan by the ID.
createCoupen - Create a coupen.
listCoupens - List all the coupens.
getCoupenById - Get a coupen by the ID.
createAccount - Create a new account.
getAccountById - Get an account by ID.
listAccounts - List all the accounts.
listInvoices - List all the invoices.

ActiveCampaign Connector

createCampaign - Create and send a new campaign
listCampaign - View campaign settings and information
getCampaignClickers - View all links and click data for a specific campaign
createMessage - Add a new email message to the system
listMessages - Retrieve all messages
getMessage - Retrieve a message
createContact - Create a new contact
createList - Create a new mailing list
listLists - Retrieve all mailing lists
getContactByEmail - Retrieve a contact by email

BaseCRM Connector (v2.0)

getContact - Retrieves information about a specific contact.

Thanks & Regards