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Fwd: endpoint time-out and suspension

Guillaume Devianne

I want to front a WSAS with a ESB for different reasons. primarily for being able to load balance or redirect some messages conditionally.

As a first step, I installed the ESB and created as many proxys as there are web services in the wsas.

WSAS:9763 service1
WSAS:9763 service2

changed into : 

ESB:9763 service1 --> proxy to WSAS:8763 service1
ESB:9763 service2 --> proxy to WSAS:8763 service2

One service sometimes take a lot of time (connecting to some unstable legacy systems).
in the new scenario, the ESB proxy timeout and disable my endpoint, disabling completely my proxy.

I want to be able to setup my proxy to always stay active.

What would be the configuration for that endpoint?

basically, what would be the synapse config to never suspend an endpoint.



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