Question using Rampart with Ruby web service client

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Question using Rampart with Ruby web service client

Edward Liu-2

I asked this in the forum, but I'm not sure if anyone will respond to
it, so I will also post here.  I am trying to design a web service
client in Ruby to receive SOAP responses, using WSF Ruby as the
underlying framework for the client to send SOAP requests.  Now, I am
able to generate valid SOAP request messages and received valid SOAP
response messages, assuming that I have disabled security/Rampart on the
server end.  Ideally, Rampart will be enabled on the server end.  I have
tried looking in the samples, but am unsure about this.  So, here is my
question: which client sample represents a situation where I want to
secure a SOAP request message through using a username and a token/key,
where both are specified as strings and not retrieved from a file or
certificate?  This token/key is used for encryption and signing.  Also,
I want to make use of a timestamp.  I have tried everything I can think
of, but I can't get Rampart to work correctly, besides for the Action
and To headers.  Thanks!


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