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Pamod Sylvester
From a UI perspective, need to mainly identify whether we need to think of the UI aspects per component basis (MB, Ballerina) separately or whether there will be a unified UI for the whole product (EI), ?  

Currently we define rest APIs for each function which will allow flexibility to access them i.e through graphical UIs and CLI and represent the results.  

Another thing to note is from MB perspective, it will also be essential IMO to have a graphical UI, since users should be able to define permissions for queues, perform operations on messages which are in the DLC, browse messages etc.


On Tue, Jun 6, 2017 at 9:51 AM, Sharon David <[hidden email]> wrote:
Hi all, 

As you all know EI7 mainly focused on backend related functionalities. According to the current plan this product will be shipped without a UI. IMO there are cross functionalities among these individual products and it would be great if we can identify those cross functionalities; following the real user stories. 

For eg. Previous release of MB 3.2.0 was built on C4 with the management console, but with our current plan with C5 architecture the UI have been removed and its based on rest API's which will be run on Command line Interface (CLI) only. 
What the plan for product in EI7, which needs a UI?
We will also have to think about the consistency in EI 

We will also have look at the CLI experience and build it up as well. Shall we try to identify above scenarios?

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