Stream Processor Editor - Fixing Veracode reported issues.

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Stream Processor Editor - Fixing Veracode reported issues.

Sajith Perera
Hi All,

In the stream processor editor, we are using absolute paths when referring the Siddhi App files and other simulation files in the editor worker directory. But in the editor app, it should call the backend API with the relative path based on the "{product-home}/wso2/editor/deployment".

  1. "deployment/worker" should be changed to "/worker" (all subdirectory paths should be relative to deployment)
  2. "{product-home}/wso2/editor/deployment/csv-files" should be changed to "/csv-files" (avoid  using the absolute paths in the API invocation)
We can change the backend API along with the above changes, but editor UI components invoke the API with the absolute paths and subpaths.
Any suggestions for fixing the mentioned issues in the Editor UI Components.


Sajith Dimal
Software Engineer
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