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Hi Nandika,


I tried using wsdl2php as your request. I got the correct result on the log file. But not on the php page same as previous method ( not using classsmaps) . The result on the log file appears below. According to our data on the database it’s perfect.



[Mon Sep 07 15:25:58 2009] [debug] wsf_wsdl.c(1102) [wsf_wsdl]Response buffer is <ns1:vinVerify_Replies xmlns:ns1="">



        <ns1:request_account_number xmlns:ns1="">N00080592</ns1:request_account_number>

        <ns1:request_sequence_number xmlns:ns1="">0000017</ns1:request_sequence_number>

        <ns1:revs_reference xmlns:ns1="">09852</ns1:revs_reference>

        <ns1:enquirer_reference xmlns:ns1="">wscf78</ns1:enquirer_reference>

        <ns1:search_vin_chassis xmlns:ns1="">JHMCL96806C207079</ns1:search_vin_chassis>

        <ns1:authority_match_count xmlns:ns1="">001</ns1:authority_match_count>

        <ns1:authority_engine_match xmlns:ns1="">1</ns1:authority_engine_match>

        <ns1:authority_registration_match xmlns:ns1="">1</ns1:authority_registration_match>



[Mon Sep 07 15:25:58 2009] [debug] wsf_wsdl.php(489) [WSF/PHP] wsf_process_response is called


But getting result  on result (php) page as follows.


vinVerify_Replies Object ( )


ie. Getting blanks.


I have attached required files including  client script.


How can I get the result on the php page please?







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