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WSO2 Stratos 2.0 Beta 2 Released - Release Note

Isuru Wimalasundera

Release Note - WSO2 Stratos 2.0 Foundation - Beta 2

WSO2 Stratos2 team is pleased to announce the release of WSO2 Stratos 2.0 Beta 2 .

WSO2 Stratos 2.0 Beta 2 is ready to be downloaded at [1] and [2] for OpenStack and Amazon EC2 respectively, Fully configured Public Amazon EC2 Stratos 2.0 setup can be found under the Id at [3], Stratos 2.0 Command Line Interface (CLI) Tool can be downloaded from [4] and Stratos 2.0 Documentation is available to be downloaded at [5].

WSO2 Stratos 2.0.0 is the next major version of WSO2 Stratos 1.x, the most complete, enterprise-grade, open PaaS, with support for more core services than any other available PaaS today.

Following are the Key features available for Stratos 2.0.

Key Features

  • Artifact Distribution Coordinator (ADC) with support for external Git and Git-hub repositories.
  • Plug-able architecture support for adding new cartridges
  • Support for PHP and MySQL and WSO2 Carbon cartridges (ESB, BPS, AS etc)
  • Support for puppet based cartridge creation for WSO2 Carbon cartridges
  • Elastic Load Balancer (ELB) with Cartridge support
  • Multiple IaaS support (EC2, Openstack, vCloud) through jclouds API's
  • Autoscaling into different IaaSes
  • S2 Cloud Controller
  • Git based deployment synchronizer
  • Interactive CLI for tenants to manage subscriptions
  • UI for tenants to manage subscriptions
  • Custom domain mapping support
  • Script based Multi-node Installer
  • Local deployment setup
  • Examples
  • Documentation(Stratos2 Installation Guide, User Guide, Architecture Guide, Cartridge Development Guide and Openstack Installation Guide) 
  • Demo Ready Public Amazon EC2 Stratos 2.0 setup
Following are the major improvements from the Beta-1 to this release.
  • Consists of four functional servers as wso2cc-1.0.0, wso2s2agent-1.0.0, wso2sc-1.0.0 and wso2elb-2.0.4.
  • Downloadable deployment setups for both OpenStack [1] and Amazon EC2 [2] Iaas environments.
  • Fully configured Public Amazon EC2 Stratos 2.0 setup is available from [3] .
  • Script based deployment automation for OpenStack and Puppet based deployment automation for Amazon EC2.
  • Tested with VMware vCloud Iaas as well.
  • Support to configure private GIT repositories, provided with username and password. 
The Beta release includes following improvements and bug fixes.

You can report issues at [6].


  • [SPI-19] - Cartridge Agent doesn't recover from a restart of ELB
  • [SPI-20] - After subscribing to php cartridge, there are several "shutting off" state instances for that cartridge and one active instance after several hours. Cli list command shows 7 instances.
  • [SPI-21] - Wordpress admin login does not work with ELB front
  • [SPI-29] - Payload temp files are not removed
  • [SPI-33] - SugarCRM sample is not working
  • [SPI-34] - Mysql username (root) is not mention in the user guide
  • [SPI-38] - IDP is not configure properly in the demo setup
  • [SPI-51] - Openstack keypairs to be maintained as a global key
  • [SPI-53] - is not cleaned /var/log/s2/s2demo.log
  • [SPI-54] - "Trying to set the domain from 3 to -1234" intermittent issue in ADC when calling list from cli tool
  • [SPI-58] - Info command should display the database username
  • [SPI-59] - Logging related issues
  • [SPI-65] - [Documentation] Improvement to 'Open-stack-installation' guide
  • [SPI-71] - Remove start option in subscribe
  • [SPI-75] - Git repository related temp files need to be deleted after repos are created
  • [SPI-76] - Need a mechanism to restore git repositories
  • [SPI-80] - Tenant username is null when loging from CLI tool, also an exception in first time
  • [SPI-83] - Issue when subscribing to ApplicationManagementService of ADC via SOAP UI
  • [SPI-84] - When the alias is already taken, SOAP response generated doesn't give a proper message.
  • [SPI-87] - "listAvailableCartridges" operation of ApplicationManagementService doesn't list min and max instance count correctly
  • [SPI-90] - "cartridgeName" parameter of "addDomainMapping" operation of ApplicationManagementService should be renamed appropriately
  • [SPI-91] - "addDomainMapping" operation of ApplicationManagementService should throw an exception when the alias is not a registered one.
  • [SPI-93] - "addDomainMapping" operation of ApplicationManagementService should send an appropriate response
  • [SPI-94] - "addDomainMapping" operation of ApplicationManagementService prints an info log which is not meaningful
  • [SPI-95] - Creating unsubscribed cluster instances when ELB is restarted.
  • [SPI-98] - Mysql cartridge phpmyadmin cannot be accessed through ELB
  • [SPI-102] - is not Registered in the ELB.
  • [SPI-116] - [CC] Errors seen in CC wso2carbon log
  • [SPI-120] - In the demo vm when server's started user need to wait at least few seconds before trying to access ADC
  • [SPI-121] - In the demo vm after subscribing need wait for some time until it get activated
  • [SPI-122] - In demo vm phpmyadmin is running on http not https
  • [SPI-123] - Cannot subscribe using same alias twice
  • [SPI-124] - Even if user unsubscribe from the cartridge records are still in the database.
  • [SPI-125] - [Documentation] Proper setting for provider values in cartridge.xml need to be documented
  • [SPI-131] - ADC backend info log says instances are terminated when the user unsubscribed from Carbon cartridges
  • [SPI-135] - doesn't work in after restarting the VirtualBox
  • [SPI-136] - Stratos Cartridge architecture diagram is wrong in Stratos2ArchitectureGuide pdf
  • [SPI-138] - Autoscaler task seems not respect the unsubscription
  • [SPI-149] - First instance spawned after subscription does not join ELB through agent
  • [SPI-164] - Add an attribute to cartridge xml to identify whether a cartridge is multitenanted
  • [SPI-167] - Use multitenant property instead of provider property when checking carbon cartridges
  • [SPI-168] - Viewing logs for non carbon cartridges in Log viewer
  • [SPI-172] - getRepoCredentials need to be updated with cartridge alias as a parameter
  • [SPI-180] - Need to validate whether the user has provided GIT repo user name and password from CLI tool
  • [SPI-181] - Configuring an external GIT repository from UI when subscribing
  • [SPI-182] - Alias should not contain "."
  • [SPI-183] - A proper error message is not displayed in CLI when a tenant subscribed with an already taken alias
  • [SPI-184] - Exception occurred when S2Agent updates instance state
  • [SPI-185] - private key passed in setting mysql password should be configurable
  • [SPI-186] - Intermittent issue when retrieving public ip from EC2 meta-data service
  • [SPI-189] - Database username password and IP is not shown in Cartridge info command
  • [SPI-195] - Subscribed Cartridge UI does not show username and password of the data cartridge
  • [SPI-197] - Exception when unsubscribing
  • [SPI-202] - External GIT Repository URL is not saved when subscribing from GUI


  • [SPI-23] - Need puppet based carbon cartridge
  • [SPI-68] - Add an entry to cartridge.xml which resides in cloud controller to keep whether it is a data cartridge or not
  • [SPI-69] - Add a variable to Cartridge object to keep whether it is a data cartridge or not
  • [SPI-72] - Logging for Non-Carbon Cartridges: All the Relevant Log Details are Not Forwarded to Syslog
  • [SPI-99] - S2 carbon packs needs to be cleaned up
  • [SPI-101] - Git repository creation method needs to be improved
  • [SPI-103] - Remove info logs logged when a registrant is not accessible
  • [SPI-114] - [AS/PHP Catridge] README.txt files in git repository needs to contain some descriptive text
  • [SPI-118] - Add pagination for Manager GUI cartridge list
  • [SPI-127] - Enable domain mapping adding from GUI
  • [SPI-130] - User should be asked for a confirmation when he click unsubscribe from GUI, and unsubscribe command in Cli
  • [SPI-134] - Puppetize whole S2 setup.
  • [SPI-140] - Create one final pack out of the prodcuts which used in Stratos2.
  • [SPI-144] - Autoscaler task should be able to concurrently serve different service clusters
  • [SPI-145] - Each IaaS should be able to specify a max count of instances that it can spawn
  • [SPI-152] - git auth modules axis2c library path is hard coded to /home/wso2/axis2c
  • [SPI-153] - In installer script JAVA_HOME should be taken from user environment
  • [SPI-154] - In installer script /home/wso2 folder and wso2 user is assumed
  • [SPI-155] - Remove git rep create related stuff from installer script
  • [SPI-177] - Use a property in Cartridge XML to define ssh port and use it for validating the cartridge instance is running or not.
  • [SPI-178] - CloudControllerStubClient's timeout value should be increased to avoid socket time outs
  • [SPI-190] - Enable domain mapping removing from GUI
  • [SPI-196] - Data cartridge status should be retrieved from the database instead of checking whether the data port is active


  • [SPI-85] - Committing changes to Git Based Deployment Synchronizer to the Scratch Area
  • [SPI-126] - Remove git remo create/maintain functionality from Stratos2
  • [SPI-129] - Move ADC jars to Stratos Manager and test
  • [SPI-157] - Update the installer script to reflect packing only three jvm servers for S2
  • [SPI-158] - Adding Support to get Domains and Corresponding Sub Domains in TopologyManagementService
  • [SPI-161] - vCloud integration
  • [SPI-163] - update the Openstack test server in the lab with beta packs
  • [SPI-171] - Orbit Bundles for Git Based Deployment Synchronizer's Dependencies


[1] - OpenStack Deployment setup :

[2] - EC2 Deployment setup :

[3] - Public Amazon EC2 Stratos 2.0 setup : s2demo.ami / ami-7a3b5f13

[4] - CLI Tool :

[5] - Documentation :

[6] - Issue Tracker :

-- WSO2 Stratos2 Team --

Isuru Wimalasundera
Software Engineer
  WSO2, Inc.;,
 mobile: +94 77 920 5641

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