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WSO2 Web Services Framework (WSF) is the fully open source base framework on which all of our products are built. The framework provides base communication functionality in SOAP, XML, JSON and other message formats carried over various transports including HTTP, SMTP, XMPP and TCP.

In addition to basic communication it also supports higher level qualities of service such as security, reliability, and transactionality with a common programming model that allows the application developer to focus on processing the business logic payload and not worry about infrastructural aspects such as quality of service.

WSO2 WSF is being implemented in multiple languages with the intent of providing a version of WSF in every major language/runtime platform. WSF/Java is one of the two core versions implemented.

WSO2 WSF/Java contains components common across several Java projects such as WSO2 WSAS, WSO2 ESB. It is based on Apache Axis2/Java and includes Java implementations of Apache Rampart, Apache Rahas, Apache Sandesha2, Apache Axiom, and Apache Neethi.

WSO2 WSF/Java is released under Apache License v2.0

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