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Wsdl2cpp and extension base

Nathan Lewis-4
I've got a wsdl provided by a partner team and am trying to prototype up some services using the wso2 C++ framework to see how well it works. In the definition of the types used by the wsdl, there is extensive use of "xs:extension base" which as I understands it denotes inheritance of the type. When I used the Wsdl2cpp it did not generate this inheritance and I don't know if it is because I am missing a flag to cause it to occur.

I know that underneath the Wsdl2cpp is utilizing axis2 Wsdl2c so I've googled a bunch looking to see if it supports these inheritance model (harder to see it would since it is c). 

Anyway wondering if anyone could let me know if Wsdl2cpp support this? 

If so is it because I am misreading the available options when I generate the code?

If not is there any way that I could modify the wsdl types to deal with it, and is there plan to support it in the future?

Let me know,


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