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cApp - New descriptor files and Meeting Notes

Kasun Indrasiri-2
Meeting notes and latest cApp descriptor file formats are documented here.

cApp Meeting Notes  : 21 May 2010*

- Restructuring cApp descriptor files
    - application.xml? If we change a feature name ... app.xml is no longer
    - Renaming application.xml(capp.xml)  ->artifacts.xml
    - *'artifacts.xml'* will be generated during development time (cApp
tooling) and we dropped the concept of having two application.xml and
    - Instead we have artifacts.xml at the top level of a .car file. However
since we required artifact details at the deploy time, these metadata should
go inside a given feature as well.
    - So, inside a given feature an *'artifact.xml'* by cApp and that
contains the portion of metadata contains for a single artifact.
    - *'artifact.xml'* will be only generated by cApp and has no external
connection (i.e. with tooling etc)
    - dependent artifact reference
        *<dependency serverRole="esb1"?
artifact="org.wso2.samples.otherService" version="yyy"? />+*

- Resource References (comes under subArtifact of an artifact)
    - artifact type=registry/resource
    - Registry schema like representation.
    - same as checkout client
    - cApp registry representation is a serialization format as reg.
    - Something like : cApp -> registry ->checkout -> add that dir to cApp

- 3rd party libraries associated with cApp
    - How do we ship ?
            - Add as a features reference but not include in the .car file.
            - put the feature import for non-existent 3rd party
            *   <dependency artifact="otherService" version="xx"
include="true" />*
- subArtifacts
    - Only difference is that the name and the version are missing.
    - Typical subArtifacts :  registry resource, endpoints, sequences

- Topology Mapping
    - currently supporting static linking
    - Once the .car file is created(by the eclipse tool) it contains some
logical names as server names where the artifacts should get deployed and at
the deploy/run time we should map those logical links to physical links
    - During deployment we can prompt users to get the logical to physical
    - .car should be rewritten with that mapping. (We can have a separate
.xml inside .car file )

- Follow the conventions in xml files
    - CApp ->cApp  - Always should start with a lowercase 'c':)
    - No capital letters for element/attribute names
    - use name spaces.
        - usability issues with customers. : dropping namespaces ?
        - or have ns' and do it with the correct way.

Kasun Indrasiri
Senior Software Engineer
WSO2, Inc.;

cell: +94 71 536 4128
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